Operative emphases:

  (partially available in english)

Prosthesis - First- and Revision-Surgery:

Shoulder joint

Elbow joint

Knee joint

Hip joint

Children Surgery


Special Spine Surgery

dorsoventral Stabilisations

endoscopic controlled ventral Fusions

endoscopic and conventional intervertebral disc surgery

Arthroscopy, Sports-orthopedics / -traumatology

Arthroscopic and open surgery of all bigger joints

Shoulder joint

Ellbow joint

Wrist joint

Knee joint

( incl. Ligament replacement, Chondrocyte replacement, Meniskus reconstruction, Medial Meniscus Transplantation )

Hip joint

Ancle joint

Tumor orthopedics

Weekly interdisciplinary Tumor-conference
(Orthopedia, Oncology, Radiotherapy, Pathology, Traumatology, Nuklearmedicine, Radiology, Pediatrics)

weekly Tumor consultation-hour

Minimal-invasive Therapy

(not available in english)

Septic Surgery

Own interdisciplinary (Bacteriology/Orthopeda) lead ward for septic Surgery


Own ward for intermediate care

Anaesthesiology and ward for intensive care:

Clinic for Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care of the Saarland University Hospital

(Director: Prof. Dr. Larsen)

Facilities for conservative Patientencare:

Employer's liability Insurance Association-Consultation

Licence for german 'H-Arztverfahren'

Integrated Division for Physiotherapy

Balneotherapy with swimmingpool


Physiotherapy and Guidance for use of Prostheses

Radiodiagnostic: own division

Ultrasound of bigger joints

newborn hip    (not available in english)

Shoulder joint

Knee joint

Technic Orthopedia


Authorized repair facility of the clinic