Interdisciplinary care of Patients in Cooperation with other Departments of the Saarland University Hospital, especially:


Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics

          Ultrasound of the newborn hip (neonatal and follow-up examination)

Internal Medicine I

           oncologic and rheumatic Diseases

Department of Pediatric and Juvenile Medicine

          Malformation, oncologic and rheumatc Diseases

Center for Radiology: Workgroup for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Department of diagnostic Radiology, Department of Radiotherapy, Department of Nuclear Medicine and Department of Neuroradiology

          Diagnostic (MRI, CT, Szintigraphy), oncologic and rheumatic diseases

Institut for Microbiology and Hygiene - Section for Bacteriology und Hygiene

          Interdisciplinary care of the ward for septic Surgery in Orthopedia