Clinic Tour 1

Welcome to a virtual tour through the Orthopedic Departement of the Saarland University Hospital Homburg.

The University Hospital, which developed out of a former clinik for tuberculosis, is situated - according to it's original purpose - in the outskirts of Homburg on an wooded hill.

The Orthopedic Department is located - easy to find - in the central area of the University grounds between the Departments for Internal Medicin and Gynecology.

The circulating clinicbus stops at about 70 meters right and left of the main entrance in front of the Department of Ophthalmology resp. the Department of Dermatology, parking places for hampered persons are located directly left of the main entrance.

The wards for women and men as well as for privat patients are fitted out with a balcony, which is directly accesible through most of the rooms.